Do you want custody of your child?


How do you parent a child without physical custody?

Are you looking to establish custody for the first time?

Are you looking to expand your existing child custody agreement?

Have you been charged with contempt of court?

Has your time with your child been limited to restricted visitation restraints?

Have you been charged with false allegations or been denied your rights as a parent?

Are you a weekend Parent?

Do you know the difference between legal and physical custody?

Discover what other parents have and why hiring your own expert can provide you with the following:

  • An Independent expert Evaluation of your skills as a parent/Grandparent
  • Establishes with the court, evidence for equitable child custody for both home and school environment
  • Establishes that you are a competent parent
  • The Parent Evaluation can be used in court to refute a negative custody determination
  • Provides parent support to common custody problems including restraining orders, contempt charges and false allegations, restricted visitation
  • This program is supported by scientific research

Do you need help to common child custody problems including issues of restraining orders, contempt charges, denial of your rights as a parent or false allegations? We tell you how to successfully meet with divorce lawyers, child custody evaluators, mediators and guardian ad litems.

An alternative to the high costs of legal services.

Barriers to Child Custody 

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